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The blog of Jack Pearkes.

I primarily work on software. These posts are typically technology related, but sometimes deviate. Posts follow in chronological order.

Regretfully, we are bankrupt

A Greek default from a different era

Skipping History Entries in Ember Transitions

Avoid polluting the History API with redirect loops in Ember.js

Open-Sourcing Stripe Hooks

An independent service to handle receipts and notifications with Stripe

Simple Metrics with Heroku and Librato

There's absolutely no excuse not to record business metrics

Breaking Up Pull Requests

Avoiding the "gigantic" pull request

Open-Sourcing Small Victories

A post-mortem and open-sourcing of a moderately successful side project

Packer, Vagrant and your Infrastructure – Fitting the Pieces Together

Where does Packer, the image creation tool, fit into your workflow?

In Search of True Process

Matisse, software development, and inspiration for discovery of process

Tracking Your iPhone's Location

Using Apple APIs to track your phone's location